Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jealous Of My Sister

So You Know How Sisters Can Get Jealous of one another well......I always thought I wouldn't be Jealous of my Sister well I was wrong!!!!!  I am Jealous of my Sister Amy who is in the Coast Guard because she gets a lot of money and gets nice things. She Got a Tattoo before me I wanted to get one before she did so i could prof her wrong that i can get one and now she has one. She Trades her Peace  of Crap car that she wasted a lot of money on buying parts for it and the car kept fallen to piece's and she trades it for a Chevy Car I don't know what kind it is?? But I wanted to get a nice car before she did?? But that didn't happen!!! I know I sound childish.....and wrong to feel like this but I do Amy was Jealous of me and still is!!!!  I am happy for her because she is engaged to a great guy who cares about her and loves her!!!!!          Here is a Picture of her Tattoo she got it on her foot and that is where I want one at!!!        

Here is a Picture of her peace of crap car that she trade in for her new car

Here is her New Car She got

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