Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Of My Friends is going through a terrible time right now and I need advice!!!!!!!

I Just Find out that one of My Friends is going trough a Terrible time and It is so hard to say the right words to my friend it really is!!!!! The only thing I can say to her is that I am her for her if she needs to talk and I am so sorry for what happen and that I love her like a sister and as a friend!!!!!! I Don't know what else to say because it is so hard of what she is going trough because I wasn't in that situation that she is in well i was but it wasn't terrible like her's is and it is so hard to lose that special someone in your life like she did!!!!! I did lose someone who was special to me but it was my papaw and her's is someone else. I am praying for her!!!  Its so hard!!!!! I just need some more Advice!!!!! Please!!!!


  1. Katie, it sounds like you did say the right things. The best thing to do is to support your friend and let her know you care, which you are doing. You are a very kind-hearted person, and I'm sure she knows that. I hope things work out for her and you both feel peace in your hearts.

  2. Thank You So Much!!!! Hope everyone is doing great!!!