Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is my Favorite time of year:):):)

Christmas is my favorite time of year because i enjoy seeing all the Christmas lights and the Christmas Trees and the Christmas Gifts and I Love Spending time with my family and having a good time...I Love seeing my brothers opening their gifts and seeing the happiness on their faces's and i love getting up really early in the morning with my brothers and going and looking under the tree:):)......and celebrating Jesus's birthday!!!!!  What Is your favorite time of year?? i know hardly people don't read what i write..but i still like writing posts......:):)    Hope Everyone has a Great Christmas:):):):)



  1. I love Christmas too, Katie! In my house, there is a ton of hustle and bustle (and stress) surrounding the holidays, but I love the music, bells ringing, lights, and all the excitement of the holidays! Breeley is loving all of it this year too, and I can't keep Zack away from the tree!! :)

  2. aw..thats good hope your doing good!!:):) you still have reesey?