Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes I wish that my life was perfect.......

Don't you just wish sometimes your life was perfect and nothen never went wrong or you don't wont to have any problems with your family....well i do.......I love my family but sometimes they cause problems and they get mad....and it make's me all stress out and upset and i think talking to others would help but it really doesn't. It's so hard to explain how i feel and sometimes i wish i could just stay in my room and no one bothers me and i wont have to hear all the fussing and others getting mad at others....and for once in my life to stand up and face my dad....and tell him how i really feel but it's so hard.......sometimes i feel like crying and i know it doesn't do any good..but i do.....sometimes i just feel like i need to get away from all of it and go somewhere that i wont have to listen to it........one day i am going to get away form all of it and go to Graceland Elvis Presley's Home it makes me feel good and happy and not worry about stuff:):):):):)


  1. I think at times we all probably wish our lives were perfect with no problems, but then things wouldn't be as interesting. God gives us challenges to make us stronger. I know that stinks sometimes though. I hope your heart gets some peace... and that you get to visit Graceland soon. :)

  2. thanks Susan...your right....me too:) How are you?